How to Transfer your Norton Protection from One device to Another device

How to Transfer your Norton Protection from One device to Another device

Antivirus is the prime requirement of today’s world. And while selecting your antivirus, the best advisable antivirus is the Norton antivirus. There are several reasons to go for antivirus but the most important is that it can be shared between various devices. Norton antivirus is a software that discards any malware in the device. To know how you can share your Norton subscription on various devices read the full text.

How many devices can use Norton subscriptions at a time?

Norton is one of the best antivirus products. It provides a super high level of protection as well as removes all the virus by scanning your device. The best and unique feature of Norton’s product is that it can be shared between various devices up to 10 devices. The process of sharing the Norton protection subscription to multiple devices is quite simple and mentioned below. To download and install the Norton protection subscription from one device to another kindly read the complete text thoroughly. 

How to transfer Norton subscriptions from one device to another?

As mentioned above, Norton antivirus can be used in various devices at the same time. Now the question comes how to share your Norton subscription from one device to another. The process to share your subscription is pretty simple and easy.

Before downloading or sharing your Norton subscription on a new device make sure of the following things-

  • Firstly, you have purchased the Norton subscription.
  • Second, you have the Norton email address and password to log in.
  • Third, the email address you have provided while purchasing your Norton antivirus must be logged in and open on the device you wish to share your subscription. As to download the Norton antivirus on the new device you will get the link via that provided mail only.

Steps to Share your Norton Protection Subscription from One device to Another.

  • First of all, navigate to the website and click on the sign-in option. 
  • Now, fill in your Norton account address and password in respective fields and click on the sign-in option. 
  • Then, an interface will appear having an option to “download” the Norton. Further, click on the “Install on another device” option next to the install on this device option.
  • After that, you might have to provide your email address to get the download link of Norton protection & click on the send icon. 
  • Now, open the email on the device you want to share your Norton protection subscription and click on the option “install now”.
  • Then, click on the “agree and download” button and open the Norton download file & let it download itself. 
  • Afterward, click on the agree and install option appears and lets it install on the new device.
  • And done, your Norton protection subscription is now shared, downloaded, and installed in the new device successfully. 

You may download and install Norton protection antivirus and share your subscription on up to 10 devices using the same procedure.

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