How Do I Activate or Renew your Norton Subscription?

How Do I Activate or Renew your Norton Subscription?

If you have been looking forward to securing all your important business data then it is better to go for Norton antivirus solution. If you already have Norton and your Norton Subscription expired then Renew your Norton Subscription is the best option that is advised for security software. It would give you online and offline protection against the theft of the data. Since business data is extremely important for better organization protection, it not just protects the personal details of the employee but also ensures all the reports and documents that are official are hidden against the hackers. Now being user, you may have many questions running in your mind. That is why, here is the best solution for Renew your Norton Subscription & the common queries Norton Automatic Renewal service that you may face.

How do I Renew Norton Security for free?

In order to upgrade or Renew your Norton Subscription, you will have to first download and then go ahead with the installation process to buy the Norton Product on every device that you want. This basically depends on the devices that your license shall allow. Right after you sign up or buy in the account, this is possible.

  • Firstly, you need to begin Norton
  • Once you see the window of My Norton, then go in the device security and open it
  • In the main window of the Norton, you can see two options activate now or renew now.
  • If you have the subscription window visible, then you need to purchase the subscription
  • Once the renewal page is seen, you can then review the purchase and then select the option of Subscribe now or buy now
  • In case the prompt is made again then you will have to sign in with the account credentials
  • Norton Automatic Renewal service: Put in all the billing details and then place the order rightly. Make sure that you review the order before the payment is done.
  • Once the purchase is successful, your Norton Antivirus subscription will get renewed.

What happens when Norton subscription expired?

There can be a situation that your Norton subscription may expire. At such time, you need to renew the protection by finishing the whole renewal purchase. You can also renew the subscription with the help of the product key. If you have a renewal code, use that. Because if Norton gets expired then risk of theft and law are increased and your business data may not be secured as it was once Norton was installed. So, you need to act up Norton Automatic Renewal service on it as quickly as possible.

How do I Activate Norton Subscription Protection?

Firstly, you have to click on so that rest process can be started.

In the Norton window you will see device Security that you must open.

Now you have choices in your hand. Either you activate the subscription by going in the main window of the Norton product and then click on activate now. Otherwise, you can renew the subscription in the main window of the Norton product. For this you must go in help section here you and in the account information where you need to click the enter product key.

Right after you use the norton security renewal with product key, the remaining days with your subscription will not be added to the subscription related to the new one. If you shall be using the renewal code then the remaining subscription days shall be added to the new period of subscription. You then must click on next.

Activate & Renew your Norton Protection With Product key

If you already have the product key then firstly you need to make an account of Norton. 

Once the account is created, make sure you add the product that is to be purchased to the account and do further installation

Once the whole norton security renewal with product key setup process is done, you will be taken for the Norton automatic renewal page. Now visit the site and sign in with the credentials

The get started page will appear on which you have to enter the new product key shared. Type the key and click on the >. Basically, Product key is the blend of numeric and alphabetic characters that don’t have special characters. The subscription will have the 25-character key (norton renewal code) which comes with your product card. Agree to License and Services Agreement and update the billing details

Norton Automatic Renewal service – You will then be asked to choose the product that you want to download. Follow the instructions to download the file. Once the download is processed, the installation shall be given and your product will get automatically activated. The device will then show its current status of production along with other software that got installed within your account of Norton.

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