Why is My Norton Antivirus Not Working Properly?

Why is My Norton Antivirus Not Working Properly?

In case the Norton does not load or is not working there is nothing to worry about. This is one common problem that you can see on your windows pop in as the error. For this, you need to have good video graphics installed which basically is running the outdated driver software. There can be many reasons due to which this Norton antivirus not working error may occur. But the primary one could be the corrupt setup file. To deal with it, you have to follow steps that include:

  • Update the video graphic driver
  • For opening the run dialog box, you have to press the Windows +R key
  • Then you have to type the text – devmgmt.msc and  then press enter
  • In the window of the device manager, you will have to click two times on the adapter of the device
  • Rick click on the graphic cards and then choose the properties
  • Tab on the driver section and see whether the graphic card driver is the current one or the outdated one.
  • If your driver is an outdated one then you need to update it and download then install the current version of the driver of the graphic card.
  • You then have to choose the manufacturer which could be NVIDIA graphics, AMD/ATI Radeon HD video graphics, or Intel HD video graphics
  • It is time to research your computer then see the Norton antivirus not working issue is resolved

Why is Norton Antivirus Live Update Not Working?

To fix Norton antivirus live update not working problem, you have to first be clear with the error that you are facing. Talking of which the steps that are for this can vary as per the error that you have been facing. For this, you first need to understand the error you are facing. This includes steps like:

  • You will have to open your Norton.com/Setup
  • In case, you can see the window of My Norton, open it, and then there must be device security that you need to select
  • In the primary window and click two times on the security and then choose the LiveUpdate option
  • LiveUpdate will then try connecting to the internet and the updates download will begin.
  • In case the LiveUpdate fails then you can have a summary view located under the result section
  • In the Norton Live Update window of summary, you have to then click on the section called more information.
  • The page of Norton support shall open which will give you all the steps on fixing the problem of Norton antivirus live update not working error that you have come across.

Norton Antivirus Not Working or Having problems in opening Norton Download Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool

Why is Norton Antivirus Not Working on Windows 8?

The products of Norton are all designed to be compatible with different platforms. But there is a possibility that when the new operating system comes, some of the software may not be compatible enough which is why the Norton antivirus not working windows 8 problem occurs. Because of this, not all the products of the Norton in today’s time are said to have the certificate that states it can run in all windows operating systems.

If Norton antivirus is not working on windows 8, you need to follow:

  • Right-click on the file of installation for Norton which you downloaded.
  • There will properties appear which you have to select
  • Under the tab of computability, you have to go further below the compatibility mode
  • Do uncheck the run option in this program so that it becomes compatible
  • Go ahead and install Norton

Steps to Fix Norton Antivirus Not Working on Windows 10 Issue

The best way for dealing with the problem of Norton antivirus not working on windows 10 is to first uninstall it and then again install it. The steps shall include

  • The process of downloading the Norton removal tool from the official site of Norton
  • Then click two times on the downloaded file so it starts running
  • There will an option appearing ‘remove and reinstall’ on which you have to select
  • Then again click on the remove section and then press Ok
  • Once the whole process of uninstallation is done you need to restart your computer
  • Then comes the installation of the software again
  • But if the Norton antivirus is not working on windows 10 problem persists then you need to get in touch with the Norton technicians who are available 24/7. The technician will look for the exact problem and coordinate with you further on this.

Resolved: Norton Antivirus Full System Scan Not Working Issue

Norton antivirus full system scan not working problem can often persist if the update is not done on time. For this, you will have to restart your computer. But if the problem still occurs then you need to follow the step gives

  • Restart the computer
  • Exit all programs.
  • Norton Remove and Reinstall tool
  • Save the file to the Windows desktop
  • Press the Ctrl + J key
  • Double-click on the Norton icon
  • Click Agree on the terms and agreement shared
  • Remove & Reinstall
  • Click Continue or Remove
  • Restart Now

Resolved: Norton Antivirus Extension Not Working On Chrome

Norton antivirus not working: There is an extension made for the Google Chrome browser but in case you are not aware those are:

  • Norton Home Page
  • Norton Safe Web
  • Norton Privacy Builder
  • Norton Safe Search
  • Norton Password Manager

In case the Norton antivirus extension not working on chrome, you need to follow the process with instructions shared:

First, install Norton and there will come a protection page for the browser automatically. It will open in another window while launching the session Google Chrome.

You then have to go ahead and launching the Protection page of the browser by selecting the option called’ Set up’ now which you can see in the internet security pillar

In the web store page of the chrome that shall come, you have to then add it in the chrome and go through the on-screen process for extension installation

But if you can use the Norton safe web, you can then use further Norton Home Page, Norton Safe Search, and Norton Privacy Builder extension too.

To allow all the extensions of the Norton on your Chrome, you need to click on the option of Enable All Norton Extensions and then go through the on-screen instructions.

Fix: Norton Antivirus Online Not Working

The problem of Norton antivirus online not working can be due to many reasons. It often happens because of some temporary issue from the internet service problem. In case there is a problem with the PC it could probably due to a firewall. In such cases, you simply have to restart your Norton and see if the problem is fixed.

Source: https://support.norton.com/sp/en/us/home/current/solutions/v64233471

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