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Know easy way to setup your norton antivirus and activate norton antivirus with the product key manually, Just Follow the on screen instructions.

Norton.com/setup - Secure your digital life. Anytime, Anywhere on Web

At any time and from anywhere, norton.com/setup on a web browser sign in to your norton account to manage your subscriptions, update your profile, change your billing preferences, or renew your protection.

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Lost or stolen device protection to keep you secure

Use Norton 360 Protection – If your device is lost or stolen, you can remotely lock and track it, sound an audible alarm, take a photo when the screen is activated, and wipe your personal information to prevent access.

Are you sure that your personal information on your devices is protected? Prying eyes are always looking for an opportunity to steal personal data.  These online threats can lead to some consequential cybercrimes.  Did you know what protection can shield our devices from online threats like viruses, spyware, and many more? No clue! Let me present you with the most affordable and trustable antivirus. Norton antivirus Setup guarding your devices against malware, phishing, spam, spyware computer worm, etc. Norton antivirus has launched different plans for protecting devices.

Are you afraid to buy it for the first time? No worries! Norton antivirus also offers a 14-days trial with the full version. Try once, and use it forever.  A super easy guide on “How to install Norton & Activate it ” has been prepared for you. Let’s check it out.

Norton Antivirus Security With Norton.com/Setup

Keep your security as their priority; norton.com/setup install antivirus is easily accessible to everyone. The installation process is smooth and straightforward. Don’t be anxious when you are online. We are protecting your devices from evil eyes. 

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Let's check out How to Install norton.com/setup Antivirus

Before the installation of Norton antivirus, please check your device if there is any other protection software installed or not.   Two protection software slows down the performance of the device. So we need to uninstall if there is already any security software.  Once it is done, start with the Norton antivirus installation process.

Install Norton Security:

 1.To install norton.com/setup, we need to download it first. 

  1. Sign in to Norton’s account or create an account if you don’t have any.
  2. If you have forgotten the password, click on “Forgot username or password, and reset your password.
  3. Now, move to the My Norton portal, choose the Download option.
  4. Once you click on the Download button, a new getting start page will be open.
  5. You will see two options here: Norton.com/setup install on this device and install on another device.
  6. If you wanted to install in the current device, you are downloading, click on agree and download.
  7. Once the installation file is downloaded, double click on it to start the installation.
  8. A dialog box appears with the user license agreement; read it carefully. Once you read it, click on install.
  9. Go after the guidance appearing on your screen to finish the installation process then go for norton.com/setup

Install Norton Security onto Additional Devices

You can install Norton protection software onto another device by following the given steps:

  1. Sign in to https://my.norton.com/
  2. After signing in, Norton’s home page will be open. Here, you will see a Download Norton button above which speaks “Do you want to add more devices?”

3.Click on the Download button and pick the Install on another device option.

  1. An installation link is sent via email to complete the installation process onto another device.

5.Follow the series of instructions appearing on the screen to finish the installation process.

Norton Antivirus Activation Steps:

  1. In the first step, download and install Norton antivirus on your device.
  2. Start Norton.com/setup activate on your device enter norton product key.
  3. You can see an option of “Activate Now” on your screen. Click on it.
  4. Click on “Next.”
  5. Then, enter copied the norton.com/setup enter product key activation code in the box that appeared on the screen. And click  “Activate.” 
  6. A small window with the text ” The activation complete” will appear to you. Close that window. And click on Finish.

 Norton Antivirus activation is complete! Easy steps, right?

How to Activate Norton Antivirus Manually?

We need the product key to activate Norton antivirus. Let look into the step to retrieve product key.

  1. Firstly, sign in to Norton’s account.
  2. Tap on the Devices tab.
  3. For which device norton.com/setup with product key is needed, find that. Once you found the product key, copy it, or write it down.

Norton.com/setup enter product key – Once the Norton product key is retrieved, we can active the Norton antivirus.

How to Install Norton.com/setup Internet Security?

Norton™ 360 Plans has replaced Norton’s internet security. You must try affordable Norton™ 360 Plans. Norton™ 360 is providing much more than virus protection. It’s an all-purpose suite for computer security.

If you were a Norton internet security user, then Norton 360 is a savage software for computer security.

Norton.com/setup Download

  1. Place the downloaded file in the appropriate area of the device.
  2. Click twice on the downloaded Norton setup file.
  3. Follow the instructions appearing on your screen.
  4. Installer will seek your permission before installation.
  5. Click Yes.
  6. Congratulations! Norton Antivirus Installation is done.

Norton Antivirus Setup

To keep your devices secure from online threats, Norton.com/setup on a web browser is ready to rock. Norton setup is the perfect choice for those people who are regularly working on the internet. Download and install Norton antivirus on your device and get endpoint protection here norton.com/setup with product key.

Follow these wonderful steps For Norton Antivirus setup:

Download Norton Antivirus:

  1. Visit  norton.com/setup page. 
  2. If you are a Norton user, sign in directly. If not, then create your account.
  3. Select your product and move to the payment page.
  4. Licensing agreement needs to be read patiently.
  5. Now, download the purchased Norton antivirus product.
  6. Wait until norton.com/setup download is complete.

Norton Product Key For Activation

It’s simple to activate the Norton product key. Let’s check it out.

  1. Norton.com/setup enter product key – Sign in to your Norton account first.
  2. There will be a box to enter the 25 digit Norton activation product key.
  3. Click verify.
  4. Now, Norton setup is completed with Norton product key activation.

What is the Use of this URL - Norton.com/setup

Norton.com/setup redirects you to the Norton setup home page, where you can download and set up your protection. If you click on Enter a product key or sign in tab, you will redirect to the sign-in page. Norton users can sign in directly by entering their email address and password. The new users can create their account to purchase and use the Norton products.

All- in -one computer protection software, providing all kinds of security in a single place. Norton 360 Setup has offered three main packages: Norton 360 standard, Norton Deluxe, Norton 360 premium. And these software packages have different features like an antivirus program, VPN security, protection to the number of devices according to the packages, PC cloud backup, parental control, phishing protection, and many more. Computer security is not an issue now because Norton 360 is enough to keep evil eyes away from your personal information. A guide for the easy installation of 360 Norton.com/setup with product key is explained here. 

How to Install Norton 360 with LifeLock Security?

Step-1: Uninstall other Security Software or previously Installed Norton 

For Windows :

For the smooth installation of Norton 360, we need to uninstall the other Security Software or previously installed Norton from our device.

Download the “Norton Remove and Reinstall tool” to uninstall any version of Norton from your device.

Step -3 Install Norton 360 Software on Another device.

If you have installed the Norton 360 software on your first device, still, you can install it on another device by following these steps.

  1. Open the Device security section in your Norton software.
  2. You will see a link ” Install on Another Device” there. Click on it.

3. Instruction will start appearing on your screen. Start following them and complete the installation process.

STEP 2 - Install Norton.com/Setup 360 Software

While downloading the Norton 360 software, we get an option for installing the Norton 360 software onto the first device, or an additional one. Let’s check out the process of installation.

  1. Visit Norton’s website  https://my.norton.com and sign in to Your Norton account.
  2. From the My Norton portal, you can download your services
  3. On the getting start page, you will see, Agree, and download and protect another device.
  4. Click  “Agree and Download” to install the Norton 360 software on your first device or click on protect

another device.

  1. Once the norton.com/setup installation file is downloaded, double click on it to start the installation.
  2. A dialog box appears with the user license agreement; read it carefully. Once you read it, click install.
  3. Follow the guidance appearing on your screen to finish the installation process. 
“Norton antivirus is a solution to all computer security problems. If you are not sure to buy it, then you must try its 14-days free trial first.”